Spring game on tap for Trojans

Corey Cusick/Times-Georgian

Following nine early-morning sessions, the Carrollton High School football team will wrap up spring practice with an evening showcase at Grisham Stadium.

The Trojans will take the field for a controlled scrimmage today at 6 p.m. to close out a productive stretch of action that started on April 20 and featured 6:30 a.m. starts during the week.

"We're looking forward to it. I feel like we've accomplished a handful of what we wanted to do, which was trying to create some depth and I felt like we've done that," third-year Carrollton head coach Sean Calhoun said. "We wanted competition at every position and we're getting a lot of competition. We're wanting to play physical, but also take care of each other. We're all one team and we've been able to do all of those. We're just trying to get better fundamentally and technique-wise. Very, very, very proud of the kids." 

Calhoun stressed competition as being one of the focal points of the spring, especially with several key pieces from back-to-back state quarterfinal squads getting ready to walk across the graduation stage, many of which are heading on to play at the next level.

"We wanted to see who can do it. You know, who can compete in pressure situations and high level, high intensity? We talked a lot about attitude and having a good attitude about things and how we carry ourselves and how we are at practice," Calhoun said. "That's been kind of the biggest stuff. High energy level, good attitude and compete. I felt like our kids have done that. We went every day before school. So for those kids to do that, it shows their dedication and shows their willingness to get better, no matter what time of the day."

The Trojan coaching staff did a lot of evaluating and mixing and matching personnel over the course of nine practices with the intention of filling some gaps by those departing seniors and creating depth at the same time.


"We may not have that one kid that was as good as the one who graduated, but we feel like we've got multiple ones that can step up," Calhoun said. "That was good to see. We're hoping that continues throughout the summer. The more depth we build, the better we can be."

The format for tonight's spring game will be "very controlled" with open field drives and working out of different scenarios, along with some kicking mixed in over the course of an hour or so.

"Hopefully, we'll have a good crowd out there and we can see how some of these kids react at Grisham Stadium when it's a little more of a game-like atmosphere," Calhoun said. "But hoping for a good Trojan night. The good Lord's been gracious enough to us to give us nine good days and we've been, for the most part, healthy. That's always a concern during spring. Not having all of our kids because of baseball and track, it's good to get some other kids some reps."